My latest and greatest!
Thank you to everyone who came to see me in my show
as the saucy, cockney waitress wench, DOREEN.

It was a fantastic show and a great experience
to work with such an incredible cast.

See some of our reviews below!
Here's what Broadway World, LA had to say about “Separate Tables”

“Suzan Solomon is outstanding as the cheeky waitress, Doreen.”
          Don Grigware, Broadway World, LA

“Suzan Solomon is delicious as the know it all waitress, Doreen, who knows all of the residents’ habits to the core.”

“...and the dynamic cast are all equally outstanding! As for Theatre 40, this is another feather in their uber attractive cap!”

          Don Grigware, Broadway World, LA

“A proven actors’ director, Jules Aaron elicits solid turns from
all his performers.”

“Jeff G. Rack’s set and Michéle Young’s period costumes are exquisitely realized.”

          F. Kathleen Foley - The Los Angeles Times

Here's what LA had to say about "The Yentas Wear Red Hats"

“Suzan Solomon’s hot to trot Trudi animates every scene she appears in.”          

Mary Mallory, The Toluca Times

"The Yentas Wear Red Hats"

“Suzan Solomon (Trudi) just about runs away with the play. Her vivacious, radiant and convincing turn proves that the Off-Broadway veteran has much more of her talent left to share with theatre audiences. The longtime singer-actress of such hit films as “Saturday Night Fever” just about takes over Act One and lets her stage presence and boundless energy guide her throughout.”
“This show itself is a gem, and holds the promise that it will go far within the theater world.”

“It’s recommended that one experiences this program on an intimate stage setting.”

“This show is highly recommended!”
- Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live Off-Line (Vol. 21-No. 4-Week of January 25th, 2016)

“The entire cast was excellent with
Suzan Soloman as Rachel giving a stand-out performance.”
- Ron Irwin,Tolucan Times

“Pillars of New York” is smart, witty, bold and relatable. Noteworthy are the vocals with Suzan Solomon
as a perfect NY Mom. I loved the music, and relating as a mother to Rachel's (Suzan Solomon) solo.
-Dianne Williams,

“Pillars of New York” is a noble idea...especially on the score’s standout title number.
Rob Stevens,
“Praise as well to... Suzan Solomon who completes the winning ensemble.”
-Don Grigware, Broadway
“Some of LA's most talented triple threats.”
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
“Exuberant, cheeky and often touching.”
-Musicals in LA
“Also terrific in the cast are Suzan Solomon as secretary Lois - you know, the bossy but friendly type, a yenta with a Brooklyn accent.”
-Don Grigware, Broadway
“...and the classic secretary (Lois) who ties up any loose ends the cast left out with a line stealing performance by actress Suzan Solomon”
-Anthony McBride, Valley Scene Magazine
“Suzan Solomon as the medium in Act I also merges brass and pathos as “Glory Day’s” atheist aunt”
-David Nichols, LA Times Theatre Beat
“Suzan Solomon offers first rate comic relief as a daffy medium and shines as a cynical atheist socialist, making the most of two of the show's best numbers.”
-Les Spindle,